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Feel comfortable with our internationally recognized surgical experts in laparoscopic surgery and reconstructive procedures. Your team consists of dedicated and experienced bariatric and plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, dietitians, nurses, and support staff.

It all started with one man's weight loss journey. Much like you, Alex Brecher, founder, and president of BariatricPal wanted to finally take control of his weight. But 16 years ago, Alex struggled after surgery to find the support and information he needed to make a lasting change.

Thus, BariatricPal was born.

Read in his own words the genesis of this amazing system. And watch the video for a personal message from the founder of BariatricPal to you.

About Bariatric Pal

President's Message

Hi! I’m Alex Brecher, founder, and president of BariatricPal. It is my pleasure to welcome you to BariatricPal Hospital MX and tell you a little bit about what your weight loss surgery journey will be like with our amazing team. I’m a weight loss surgery patient myself, and I can say with pride that BariatricPal Hospital MX and our team offer the best experience you can find.

I had weight loss surgery in 2003. Just like you, I had been struggling with my weight for years. I knew weight loss surgery was the only way I could take control of my weight for the first time I could remember. This life-changing decision was the best decision I ever made, but the journey wasn’t easy. Struggling with weight is already difficult. Finding good support and the information you need can be overwhelming.

I was nearly at a loss when I came home from my own weight loss surgery 15 years ago. As I lay in my bed, I realized that I didn’t have the support I needed. Where were the thousands of weight loss surgery patients who came before me and who could help me through my own journey? The lack of offline and online support was appalling. So, I created the support system I needed. I launched an online support community where pre- and post-weight loss surgery patients could receive and give support to one another. The community also has resources such as information on different weight loss surgery procedures and a directory of weight loss surgeons to help you find a good one. This community and app is now lovingly known as BariatricPal.

Since the beginning, BariatricPal has continued to work to help weight loss surgery patients. One way we can help is with our medical tourism package. Look at weight loss and reconstructive surgery in Mexico as a way to get top notch medical care at prices you can afford. A package deal to Mexico can be a fraction the cost of getting your surgery done in the U.S.—so you can save tens of thousands of dollars. Most patients find Tijuana, Mexico, to be the perfect location. It’s close to the U.S. border, and it’s just a short drive away from the airport in San Diego, California. The surgeons we work with in Mexico are among the most experienced weight loss and plastic surgeons in the world. That’s why I founded BariatricPal Hospital MX right here in Tijuana!

I am proud to tell you we offer the best
medical tourism package possible!

First, the care is absolutely top notch. We built our own dedicated bariatric hospital for our well-known surgeons to insure great medical care for these important procedures. In and out of the operating room, your experience with BariatricPal Hospital MX and our team includes the personal care and service you would expect to make your trip out of the country a great one. The first and most important thing to ask about when you are planning weight loss or reconstructive surgery is the healthcare team’s experience. At BariatricPal Hospital MX, we have a medical team that’s world-renowned and second to none. Our surgeons have years of experience, the best outcomes, and the lowest complication rates in Mexico.

About Bariatric Pal Hospital
I am extremely proud and excited to tell you about our newly-opened, exclusive BariatricPal Hospital MX! It was created specifically to only serve international medical tourism patients and is the first private hospital of its kind in Tijuana. Everyone there is fully ready to provide our American and international patients with a comfortable and welcoming environment. The facilities are comparable to or even beyond the standards of most US hospitals.

Please see our video where I guide you on a tour of the brand new hospital where you will get your weight loss or reconstructive surgery as a BariatricPal Hospital MX patient. I can’t wait for you to see it in person when you come for surgery!

— Alex Brecher

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