BariatricPal Hospital MX:
Your American Hospital in Mexico

It is understandable to be nervous about having a medical procedure done in a foreign country, but what if you could be sure the hospital and medical staff were on par with, or better than, the best American hospitals? BariatricPal Hospital MX is unique.

Among all of the American companies offering weight loss surgery packages to Mexico, BariatricPal is the only one with our own hospital. This means:

  • American standards for facility quality and medical standards.
  • Hand-picked surgeons and medical staff – only the best make our cut.
  • Even lower prices because we own the hospital and do not have to pay for you to use it.

Our hospital is built to offer the top-notch care you would hope for in the U.S., with leading bariatric professionals ready to provide a first-rate experience. In fact, you could say that the only thing “foreign” about BariatricPal Hospital MX are the low prices.

About BariatricPal Hospital MX

Bariatric Surgery Is Our Life

Unlike other hospitals where bariatric surgeries may be few and far between, BariatricPal Hospital MX does weight loss surgery every day. We perform over 100 procedures per month, and your surgeon Dr. Jalil Illan has performed over 9,000 surgeries, with a perfect track record of 0 fatalities.

Our team knows that your choice of weight loss surgery types is individual. That is why we offer a range of surgery types.

We do not push one type of weight loss surgery on a patient just because it is a popular type or it is our surgeon’s preferred type. The type of weight loss surgery you get is a careful decision made by you and your surgeon based on your preferences, goals, lifestyle, and health risks.

Your Best Body

We understand that one or more trouble spots can prevent you from being completely satisfied with your body. BariatricPal Hospital MX does plastic and cosmetic surgery daily. We are ready to help you achieve your best body, and we have the experience to back it up. Dr. Carlos Marciales has performed over 3,000 plastic surgery procedures.

We offer a range of surgeries to meet your needs.

The surgical procedures may be routine for us, but each patient is unique. We work with you to reach your cosmetic surgery goals.

Designed with YOU in Mind

BariatricPal Hospital MX is specifically designed for bariatric patients, and not just any bariatric patients – BariatricPal patients! Our entire hospital is owned and run by BariatricPal, and 100% of our patients are BariatricPal Hospital MX patients. We live to serve you!

Our Team Understands You

Our team of cardiologists, nutritionists, anesthesiologists, and nurses includes seven weight loss surgery patients, so we know what you are going through! With equipment and facilities designed for bariatric patients, and a healthcare team full of experienced experts and successful bariatric surgery patients, we are sure you can count on being comfortable – both physically and psychologically!

Brand-New Facility with 5-Star Comfort

BariatricPal Hospital MX is a brand-new hospital that is furnished like a 5-star hotel. The hospital opened in September of 2017, fully equipped with top-of-the-line equipment that is as good as, or better than, what you might find in the U.S. Plus, your accommodations are just like what you would find in a 5-star hotel, so you can count on every possible comfort during your stay.

bariatricPal hospital MX team

Full-Service Hospital

We have all the services you need for your procedure on site, so you do not need to go off-site for pre-op tests or post-op lab work. Our full-service hospital has:

  • A clinical lab.
  • An ICU.
  • Radiology (x-rays and barium swallows are on-site!).
  • 2 Operating rooms.
  • Recovery rooms.
  • A pharmacy.
  • State-of-the-art equipment.

We Are Here for You

We treat you and a travel companion like family from the time we pick you up at the San Diego Airport before surgery to when we drop you off at the airport so you can fly home.

Count on your personal valet to be available 24/7 the entire time you are in Mexico. Fully bilingual hospital staff are also available 24/7.

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